Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Touch to the shopping in your happiness night in the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

chiang mai night bazaar, chiang night market, shopping in chiang mai

According with our Chiang Mai, there are a lot of attraction for taking a rest as well both in town and natural resources site. However, there is a lot of resting space which well-known and a lot of attractive for every one as well in the Chiang Mai too. The walking street is one the most well-known simply resting in Chiang Mai. Nevertheless, our Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is the resting and shopping space that most visited in the past till to nowadays. Therefore, I will recommend with this Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. Right now!! 

chiang mai night bazaar, chiang night market, shopping in chiang mai 
chiang mai night bazaar, chiang night market, shopping in chiang mai

What do we have seen in the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar?

Our Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is located in the town which rounded of the civilization and culture of northern life. This market is ready to serve the happiness and joyful to every visitor both Thai and foreigner from 05:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. in every day. This market is always popular to everyone in entire of the year. You will exactly never meet the silence at this place in anyway. Not only the good quality of food such as Thai food, native food, also the famously franchise food, and etc. which you are easily to find in this market but also, the belonging and other signature thing is well perf0rmance to be found as exiting of culture art and also the being as well through the picture. In addition, the clothes are quite interesting too. There is a lot of handmade clothe has sold in this market. The style is in the historically culture style which attractive as well to not only but also, the other visitor too. In additionally, the quality is ensured as ever good in exactly. Moreover, the belonging including handmade and native is popular too. However the recommended souvenir is the northern products are hat, bag, clothe, and some human creature which hardly to find in other places. The other interesting, is this place always provide the drinking space for hangout in your chilling night with your friend and you girl too. In my mention the hang out space is quite good for relaxing your life from the strain in your work as well.

If you need to sleep in nearest of the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, there are a lot of friendly costs a lot of conveniences are provided for both Thai and foreigner visitor in exactly.

chiang mai night bazaar, chiang night market, shopping in chiang mai

chiang mai night bazaar, chiang night market, shopping in chiang mai

How do we get to the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar?

According of the location of our Chiang Mai Night Bazaar has been located in the Chiang Mai town, there are a lot of direction to reaching there. However, I have provided the goodly recommended direction to reaching there in easily. Moeoover, the recommended option for the traveler who need not to get their without  transporting their own or rental has provide too. Let’s see the provided direction. Fisrtly, is to starting the Tha-Phae gate by driving via the direction Mun-Muang road for around 550 meters in approximately then, take a turn on your right to the Chai-Ya-Poom road. Secondly, to continue driving via this road for just only 200 meters. Next a turn on your right then, you will here on the Chiang Mai road right now. Thirdly, is to driving along with the currently road for exactly 1.4 kilometers. Next, take a turn on your rignt to the Tha-Phae road. Then, move on the route in forward of current direction for only 100 meters in exactly and take a turn on your left to the Chang-Clan road. Finally, is to continue driving on the path for only 300 meter then, you will here to our Chiang Mai Night Bazaar on 12 o’clock direction in the end. Do not be worry with be lost of the direction because, there

Are many obviously guidepost have provided in almost entire of reaching direction. Another recommendation for the ones who need not to transportation with their own or rental vehicle is to taking the public transportation. There are 2 recommended public transportation are the motorcycle service and minibus, which provided by their own or the several of service provider in around the Chiang Mai town. Note that, to get info of the transporting cost as well because the cost is always several. Even though the motorcycle’s transporting cost is higher than the minibus, there is faster and a bit more convenience in exactly. In my mention, I prefer the motorcycle service than the minibus. However, just choose by your prefer is be ok because the transporting cost is not too expensive and also over claim in exactly.


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