Mae-Klang waterfall, one of the best recommend to playing water while you planning to get away from your work in your busy life.

mae-klang waterfall, mae klang waterfall, maeklang waterfall

Get out of your work life, and keep resting at one of the most beautiful natural attractions in our Chiang Mai, the Mae-Klang waterfall.

According to the natural resources in Thailand, Chiang Mai is the provinces having a lot of abundant of natural resources in the northern site of Thailand. Moreover, there are a lot of well-known natural attractions for Thai and foreigner tourist too. Therefore, there is no wondering why Chiang Mai is the best choice for anyone to taking it easy with natural ways on their free times. You can meet many types of each natural attractions in Chiang Mai such as national park, forest, elephant camp, waterfall, and etc. Nowadays waterfall is one of the top rank choice for getting the natural experience in Chiang Mai. Mae-Klang waterfall is one of the best choice for the water site too. Therefore, I want to present this interesting attraction for you to keep in your choice for visit at once, while you are spending your time for taking a rest in Chiang Mai. So, let’s know much more with our Mae-Klang waterfall together with me right now!!

mae-klang waterfall, mae klang waterfall, maeklang waterfall

What do you will have seen in this beautiful waterfall, the Mae-Klang waterfall?

This Mae-Klang waterfall is ready to show you the wonderful of natural resources with good weather on 08:00 a.m. till to 04:30 p.m. in every day. The recommended duration for take a trip is on ending of October till to the entire of next March because, it is the best duration for getting not only a good sight of natural resources but also, the perfectly abundant variety of natural environment. The covers charge for Thai visitor are 40 baht for adult and 20 baht for your children. Moreover for the foreigner are 200 baht for adult and 100 baht for children. Taking a photo is one recommendation activities because there is many beautiful sight round Mae-Klang waterfall, which has valuable to keep this memory with your photo. Moreover, this Mae-Klang waterfall is always has good weather for chilling your life and resting with breathe the fresh air in perfectly natural environment. Therefore the recommend activities is not only play in the good touch and clear of stream but also trekking for the natural trail is a good way to relax too. The trail is so beautiful because it is beside the stream of Mae-Klang waterfall which you can see these steam in almost entire of the trail. In my mention, trekking in the natural trail is good fulfillment my natural experience by meeting the good several sight of the natural environment.

mae-klang waterfall, mae klang waterfall, maeklang waterfall

There is no accommodation in this Mae-Klang waterfall. The nearest accommodation is on the Jom-Thong district. There are many good quality in friendly price of the accommodations provided in Jom-Thong district. Taking your night on Doi-In-Tha-Non is a good choice too. Food is be prepared by the good restaurant in the Mae-Klang waterfall as Thai and native food. For my recommended menu is papaya salad, roasted chicken, and other eastern-north Thai food. I ensure that, the cost is always in friendly price

mae-klang waterfall, mae klang waterfall, maeklang waterfall

How do we getting there to our beautiful resting space, our Mae-Klang waterfall?

There are 2 ways to reaching our beautiful waterfall, the Mae-Klang waterfall. The first way is by your own or rental vehicle, and another way is by the public transportation. Let start with the first way is by your own or rental vehicle. Let start from our central city of Chiang Mai. Driving along with the highway route number 108, is the direction of Chiang Mai – Hod. Go along for a while, and noticed that to take a turn on your right before the Jom-Thong district. Do not be worry with being lost of direction. There is a mostly visible guidepost, just pay attention to the guidepost while reaching the destination, our Mae-Klang waterfall. Secondly, moving along with the highway route number 1009 in direction of Jom Thong – In Tha Non for around 8 kilometers. Then, take a turn on your right you will here to the Mae-Klang parking. Lastly, walking in the provided direction for around 300 meters then, you will reaching to our tourism destination, the Mae-Klang waterfall in finally. The next way is for only who not bring or rental for the vehicle, is starting from public transportation in the central city of Chiang Mai. The overall distance to getting the Mae-Klang waterfall is around 66 kilometers approximately from the central city of Chiang Mai.

  • Reaching the destination by taking the public transportation to Jom-Thong district. Be admit that, the travelling cost is be several. Next, is finding some car to taking you to the Mae-Klang waterfall parking. Then, walking to the destination for 300 meters to the destination.
  • Another choice for public transportation, is taking the public transportation which always go to the Doi- In-Tha-Non national park. Then you taking of before they take a turn to Doi-In-Tha-Non national park. Lastly walking or find someone to take you to the Mae-Klang waterfall.

In advice for public transportation, are consult with the travel agency or the tourist service center is a good way to get cheaper cost of traveling in convenience way to reaching our Mae-Klang waterfall.


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