Maesa waterfall, a recommend place to fresh with your friends in weekend.

maesa waterfall, mae sa waterfall

Fulfill the fresh if nature in your life at here Maesa Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfall in Chiang Mai.

According to the national tourism, There are many national tourism which abundant of environment in Thailand. Chiang Mai is the well-known province, has a lot of beautiful and abundant of environment attractions too. The Mae Sa Waterfall is one of there in our Chiang Mai too. The Maesa Waterfall is an important and beautiful part of the Doi Suthep-Pui National park which famous to many tourist both Thai and foreigner.

maesa waterfall, mae sa waterfall
maesa waterfall, mae sa waterfall

What’s we can see in the Mae Sa waterfall Chiang Mai?

The Maesa Waterfall is one of many waterfall, which has a bit cold and clear water. This Mae Sa Waterfall is one of my best recommendation to taking a beautiful photo to update your better life on your social media site, while you are taking it easy with the natural attractions in Chiang Mai. Our Maesa Waterfall is ready to serve the best restful to everyone in every day. The fee is 30 baht for the tourist who bring their own vehicle, and 25 baht for the tourist who not bring the vehicle. The recommend duration for taking restful space in our Mae Sa waterfall is in entire of rainy season. There are 10 layer states in this Maesa Waterfall. There is 500 meters far away in each other layers. For the name of each layers are

  1. Pah Lad waterfall
  2. Wang Yang waterfall
  3. Pah Tak waterfall
  4. Wang Sam Hmun waterfall
  5. Wang Thao Phrom Ma waterfall
  6. Tad Hmuei waterfall
  7. Pa Na Rom waterfall
  8. Pah Ngurb waterfall
  9. Wat Hang waterfall
  10. Lan Tea waterfall

The recommend from the tourist who have been visited the Maesa Waterfall, is the most beautiful sight in the Mae Sa Waterfall is on the fifth layer to the seventh layer, are Wang Thao Phrom-Ma waterfall, Tad Hmuei waterfall, and the Pa Na Rom waterfall.

maesa waterfall, mae sa waterfall
maesa waterfall, mae sa waterfall

Do not worry with food, you can find the Thai and native food also drinking too from the seller from the entrance in very cheap price .In my mention the taste is quite good. For accommodation, there is no house or room for rental in each night but, do not be sad because this beautiful Mae Sa Waterfall has provided the camping space in good sight also good weather too, for both Thai and foreigner visitor. Try to taking a night at this Mae Sa Waterfall is good experience to take a restful night for your life too. You will have a chance to touch and feel with the fresh weather besides the grateful waterfall, the Maesa Waterfall in your night space with abundant of perfect sight natural resources in Chiang Mai. Taking a night at once, and you will meet the valuable experience which have not been met from anywhere. Tips for someone who want to taking a night in room and/or house, is booking at the resort in Mae-Rim is a good choice to get the restful night in very cheap price in good quality too. Reservation from the hotel application in your mobile phone is easy to get a hot deal promotion in some night.

All in all as my opinion, this Mae Sa waterfall is a good recommended environmental attraction to take a rest from your busy life, in your long weekend because not only a grateful of the waterfall but also, you will gained your experience in the abundant of the natural resources in good weather. Moreover, the good activities are playing in water with cold and clear one and best recommend is camping with rounded of the perfect sight and weather of good environment too. Try to taking a rest with your beloved family at once in this miracle place, the Maesa waterfall

maesa waterfall, mae sa waterfall
maesa waterfall, mae sa waterfall

How do we get to the Mae Sasaterfall?

For getting to our beautiful environmental attraction, the Mae Sa Waterfall is too easy. There are many ways to getting there but, in my recommend direction is starting from the central city of Chiang Mai. Go along in the north direction to the Mae Rim district. Passed away the Mae-Rim district you will meet the square road then, take the turn on your left to our Mae Sa Waterfall. Next, go along via the direction of Mae Rim – Sa Merng for around 9 kilometers. Lastly, you need to walk for around 150 meters you will reaching here our national attraction, the Mae Sa Waterfall in finally. Do not worry with the accident for the walking street, the provided walking street is always convenience for everyone. Another choice for the tourist, who want to take there by the public transportation is starting from the central public transportation in the central city of Chiang Mai, get some that go along in direction of Chiang Mai – Mae Rim for taking to the Mae Rim district. After that, you will see a lot of yellow minibus for direction of Mae Rim – Sa Merng, which provided at the Warorot market. In my recommendation, rental vehicle is the easiest way with convenience for the one who not bring their own vehicle.

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