Wat Chai Mongkhon is one of memorable religious site in Chiang Mai

wat chai mongkhon, chai mongkhon temple

Feeling the northern Buddhism life at Wat Chai Mongkhon.

according to the tourism in Thailand, there are many types of attraction that is well-known   for the foreigner such as natural resources, national park, Thai cultural place, and etc. Temple is one of the top rank attraction for the foreigner too. Do you ever know Chiang Mai has a lot of interesting temple? Even through Chiang Mai has not well-known as much in temple likes other provinces in Thailand, Chiang Mai is has a lot of beautiful temples that most talked by the foreigner too. According to the state of Chiang Mai is in the northern site of Thailand, the temple in Chiang Mai is a little bit difference from the other temples in Thailand. Some temple in Chiang Mai has created in the old norther style, which is the most impact the attractive for the foreigner very much since in the past day till to nowadays. Also the temple in Chiang Mai has a lot of historical story for our Thailand too.

Wat Chai Mongkhon in Chiang Mai is the interesting one that most famous and also most visit from every tourist who have ever taken a trip in our Chiang Mai. Therefore, I will let you know muc h more about this interesting this grateful religious attraction, the Wat Chai Mongkhon.

wat chai mongkhon, chai mongkhon temple
wat chai mongkhon, chai mongkhon temple

What we can see in this admirable temple?

Wat Chai Mongkhon is open to everyone to study with the Buddhist, see the interesting inside from, and moreover to do some Buddhist activities from 06:00 a.m. till to 06:00 p.m. Note that, the closed time might be indefinite, depend on the important day of the Buddhist.

Our Chai Mongkhon temple not only one of the most beautiful temple in Thailand but also, this temple is always be the important religious site for the native people too. Moreover, Wat Chai Mongkhon is the place that has a lot of Buddhist activity for the native Buddhism in each year. In every important day of Buddhist, you will see a lot of people come to Wat Chai Mongkhon and do the important activities as traditional since from the past till to nowadays. The well-known activities in each day for the tourist both Thai and the foreigner are to pay respect to the Buddha, to make a merit, to do a good things, to donate your money in maintain the Buddhist, and etc. Moreover as my favorite activity, is to take the freedom to some animals such as free the fish and the turtle into the river, free the bird go to the sky, and etc.

wat chai mongkhon, chai mongkhon temple

There are a lot of sight in this temple to take a photo and upload your Buddhist life on your social media site. Moreover, the creature is very beautiful to keep a photo too such as the Buddha statue in special decoration.

The interesting one for me is the throne which inspired designed and has created as the 7 heads Nagas. Moreover, the old northern style of pagoda is the beautiful creature one too. Do not forgot take a sight to the special Buddha statue which has long aged around 500 years, this is the best interesting in our temple

All in all, not only the Buddhist activities that you will have been joint but also you will have been seen a lot of beautifully historical creature in this Chai Mongkhon temple too. In my mention, this is one of the good place for me to keep peaceful while visited and taking a restful life in Chiang Mai. Therefore, if you are travelling in Chiang Mai, I recommend you to visit this temple at once. Our Chai Mongkhon temple, where to obtain the experience in Buddhist which you have never got before.

wat chai mongkhon, chai mongkhon temple
wat chai mongkhon, chai mongkhon temple

How do we go to this famous temple?  

For the Wat Chai Mongkhon is located in the central city of Chiang Mai, so it is too easy to reach in. As my recommendation, you can reach to the Wat Chai Mongkhon in optional ways by car, motorcycle, bicycle, or walk. By start from the Empress hotel on beside exit. Next turn left to the Charoen-Pratet road. Then, turn left again to the direction of Re-Yee-Na school. Moving straight and pass a way the Re-Yee-Na school for half of kilometer. You will reach the Chai Mongkhon temple on the right.

For the public transportation is in several so, it is easily to find the cheapest one. The tourist service center can exactly advise you for the cheapest and most convenience ways to reaching our valuable destination, the Chai Mongkhon temple.

Tips for be chilling, are cycling and walking because not only the healthy benefit but also, it is a good experience to see the northern life and northern sight in a day.

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