Wat Chet Yod is a resting space with a new journey in royally Buddhist place in Chiang Mai.

wat chet yod, chet yod temple

Wat Chet Yod is one of the best recommended royally Buddhist temple for taking a rest with peaceful in our northern of Thailand.

According to the temple in Chiang Mai, there is a lot of the wonderful and reliable temple which attractive as much to not only the native people but also the foreigner tourist too. By the way our Wat Chet Yod is one of there too. Therefore, there is my appreciated moment to explain you much more information with this wonderfully religious attraction is the Wat Chet Yod.

wat chet yod, chet yod temple

What do we have seen in this of the most well-known royally Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, the Wat Chet Yod?

The Wat Chet Yod is one of the importantly royal temple of Thailand which attractive to everyone both the native life and the foreigner visitors as well too. Moreover, our Wat Chet Yod has a lot of interestingly historical Buddhist because there is created for around 1000 years ago. In additional, this Wat Chet Yod included of the wonderful site opened for everyone to visit at once.

wat chet yod, chet yod temple

The first wonderful site in Wat Chet Yod is the interestingly historical arch at the entrance of the Wat Chet Yod. These arches have been staying with our temple since past 1000 years ago. There are decorated with the historical inspiration, which quite interesting and attractive to the visitor as well.

wat chet yod, chet yod temple

The second wonderful site is the Buddhist pagoda which created with the India architectures. You will see the beautiful decoration with the Buddhist angles are decorated around the base of this interestingly Buddhist pagoda.

wat chet yod, chet yod temple

The third wonderful site in our Wat Chet Yod, is the Buddhist building which including the golden reliably Buddha statue which not ole beautiful but also is to faithful for every native Buddhism too.

Moreover, is the inside designation which designed in Buddhist and old culture style which admirable as well too. In my mention, the inside of building is reliable and feeling peaceful that suitable for not only doing general Buddhist activities like make a merit and pay respect to the Buddha but also, as well to study the Buddha’s lessons and Dhamma practice in perfect environment too. In additional, this Wat Chet Yod is the valuable religious site that give you a good experience which not only in the Buddhist and Buddhism being but also, for the most valuable in culture and history too. If you are taking a rest in Chiang Mai, I mostly recommend you to visit this peaceful temple is the Jed Yod temple at once then, you will obtain the happiness memory which you have never got from anywhere in exactly.

wat chet yod, chet yod temple

How do getting to this one of the beautiful royally Buddhist place in northern of Thailand, the Chet Yod temple?

According to the Wat Chet Yod’s location is located in the area of our central city of Chiang Mai, there are a lot of several directions to reach in our wonderfully religious destination is the Wat Chet Yod. By the way taking public transportation is the popular option for getting our religious destination, Jet Yod temple as same as another option is the driving with own or rental vehicle.

Therefore, we will discuss with the first option is the driving with your private or rental vehicle. Let’s start at Tha Phae gate and go along via the Mun Muang road for around 1 kilometer then take a turn to the Manee Nopparat road. Secondly, moving forward on the currently road for around 200 meters then, take a turn on your left to the highway route number 2014. Thirdly, go along via this route 2014 for around 1.7 kilometers then, take a turn on left and you still here on the route number 2014 too.

Fourthly, still driving along via this round number 2014 around 600 meters then, take in to the route 11 ramp on your right. Lastly go along in forward direction on the round number 11 for around 1.9 kilometers then you will here to the Chet Yod square. Next, take a turn on your right  on this square then, driving for 80 meters in exactly so, you will reach to our royally wonderful temple is the Wat Chet Yod. Another option for the one, who need not to spend a lot of attention to their driving, is to taking the public transportation. There are a lot of the public transportation has provide from the several service providers at the central public transportation of Chiang Mai.

wat chet yod, chet yod temple

Moreover, the red minibus is can be founded in around of the town. Not only the red minibus also, the motorcycle service is one of my recommended public transportation too. Even though these two recommended public transportation is a bit inconvenience, there are in quite friendly price and fastest inexactly. In addition tips, consult with the reliable tourism agency or the tourist service center is one of the wise action as well because there recommended preparation to get a friendly price in the traveling cost and also, in a bit convenience too.

According to the route for reaching to the Wat Chet Yod, walking is in a bit not recommend because there is a little bit inconvenience as confirmed.

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