Trekking in Baan Mae Klang Luang

Trekking in Baan Mae Klang Luang is an experience that is truly unique and special.

The trek takes around 2-3 hours and allows visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area, surrounded by lush green rice terraces that stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Ban Mae Klang Luang is located on the third basin level of Doi Inthanon National Park, in the Ban Luang subdistrict of Chom Thong district, Chiang Mai province. This location is an ideal base for trekkers who want to explore the region, surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. Doi Inthanon , the highest peak in Thailand, is a short distance away and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. This trekking experience will take you through beautiful scenery, you will pass by lush green rice fields, hidden gem waterfalls, and forests.

The trek itself starts with a walk through the village, where you will get the chance to see the traditional Karen houses, which are made of bamboo and wood. They are typically small and simple, with thatched roofs and no electricity. You will also see the local people working on their farms, cultivating rice, vegetables and fruits. You will have the chance to see the traditional agricultural practices and methods used in the village.

One of the best things about trekking in Baan Mae Klang Luang is the wide variety of accommodation options available. Visitors can choose to stay in a homestay, which is a great way to truly get to know the local culture and experience the way of life of the people who live there. Homestays in Baan Mae Klang Luang are usually located within the village itself and offer a great chance to learn about the customs, traditions and daily routines of the local Karen people. The hosts are usually very friendly and welcoming, happy to share their culture with visitors. They offer the chance to have a taste of the traditional food, and to learn about the local agricultural practices.

Overall, Trekking in Baan Mae Klang Luang is an activity that should not be missed by any visitors, as it's a great way to experience the culture, nature, and scenery of this beautiful area of Thailand. It will let you explore stunning rice terraces, traditional culture and way of living of the local people, making it an unforgettable experience.

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